MacBook and MacBook Pro Update

Updated versions of the Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro were released yesterday.  Read the press release from Apple here.
What I find frustrating about this is that there seems to be another update scheduled for June.  It's not that I don't want Apple to update their computers, it's just strange that they would update them now and then again in a few months.  Now, yesterday's update may be because Intel is phasing out the chipset that Apple had been using, but it still seems like something could have been done to plan this better.  If news of the June update becomes widespread, I would expect MacBook sales to suffer between now and then.  If I were in the market for a new notebook I would probably hold out on buying one until June.  How about you?

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  1. I had to make a hard decision to wait on buying a Mac because they were rumored to be about to announce a major upgrade. I was glad I waited, but then the day after I finally bought it, my old laptop completely died. I cut it pretty close.


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