On My Day Off

I had a pretty eventful day today. Here’s a sampling of the small jobs I’ve accomplished so far:

  • Washed dishes
  • Felt pads on the bottom of our dining room chairs
  • Cleaned old paint of recessed lighting fixtures for kitchen
  • Rehung recessed lighting fixtures in kitchen
  • Raked front yard
  • Organized china cabinet
  • Rehung central air vent in the study
  • Hung organizer under kitchen sink
  • Took out trash
  • Met neighbors: Jim, Don and Bob
  • Swept front walkway
  • Changed porch light

If I didn’t have to go to work every day I could get so much done.


2 thoughts on “On My Day Off

  1. I think the most impressive feat is remembering the names of your neighbors!Wish we were that productive on days off… oh wait… we didn’t have one. shucks!


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