Church Growth Barriers

During my daily blog perusing I came across this interesting post from . Number two in the list really got me thinking. It reads:

If the church leaders have stopped maturing spiritually and progressing personally, the congregation is not far behind. Warning signs include stale sermons, the congregation's passion waning, and the halt of staff and church growth.

Judging merely from my experience, I would have to agree.  When I'm not being fed spiritually, I can definitely see my classes suffer.  It's really not fair to those in the class, but I think it's a fact of church leadership.  The problem is, as a leader, if you desire to be feed you have to take care of it yourself and it's difficult to find ways to feed yourself. 
To feed myself I do a lot of reading, but I am curious to hear some ways YOU work on feeding yourself spiritually. Let's hear them.

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