Wanna Getaway?

I really needed to get away for a few minutes this afternoon so I decided to take a walk around the neighborhood.   It’s usually pretty relaxing to walk around on a cool afternoon, as the neighborhood kids are walking home from school.  However, today as I began my walk I noticed I was walking at a feverish pace. It caused me to wonder if I always walked this fast. I didn’t even have an end destination in mind and I looked like a man on a mission.  It took quite a bit of effort on my part to slow down and relax as I walked.  I guess it just proved that I really needed to get away for a few minutes.  


My walk got me thinking.  How many tasks, be them for leisure or work, do I rush through each and every day, without thinking?  I’m sure there are tons of things I don’t think twice about.  Maybe it’s time I slow down a bit?  How about you? Do you need to slow down?



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