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On this morning’s Today Show, Matt Lauer interviewed journalist, A.J. Jacobs. Jacobs is a Jewish agnostic who decided to try to live his life “Biblically” for a year in an effort to better understand religion and its place in the 21st Century. Jacobs’ interpretation of living life “Biblically” included following every rule, law, and suggestion in the Bible literally. This endeavor resulted in the book, “The Year of Living Biblically.”

During the interview Jacobs explained that he came to the realization that it wasn’t possible for man to live by every rule without falling short of the ideal. He claims to have significantly cut down on gossip and lying, but could not completely wipe those vices out of his life. What I found particularly disappointing about his “study” though, was that Jacobs failed to see his need for someone or something to cleanse him of those shortcomings and make him right with God.

Unfortunately, Jacobs seems to see the Bible as simply a book of rules. As I personally seek to reach out to those in this world, I can’t help but wonder how many hold to Jacobs’ line of thinking. If we are faced with a world that believes the Bible is simply a book of rules how do we combat that? How do we teach the forgiveness, grace, and love?

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  1. I think you already hit it on the head – we need to TEACH all those things. Our new pastor says that God’s word will do the transforming work in people’s lives – we don’t have to. I’ve heard it said that we cannot confuse salvation with sanctification – meaning people can be saved, but being sanctified (transformed into Christ’s image) is a continual process, one that Christ promised to complete in us. The underlying message is…it’s not complete yet. So, it would seem that we need to do far less judging and far more loving people. My two cents…


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