I Am Tired in My Spirit

I was listening to the Simply Youth Ministry Podcast today, as I am in the habit of doing on a weekly basis, and on the program they read an email from a listener who said he was tired in his spirit and near reaching spiritual burnout.  That listener's email really struck a chord with me.  While, I don't want to be over dramatic and say that I am totally burned out, I must admit that as far as ministry goes my tank is getting dangerously close to empty.  And, truth be told, I'm not quite sure what to do about it.  Anyone out there have any advice for a part-time minister who's kind of just fumbling through the motions trying to keep his head above water?

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  1. Dude.This is hard. I sympathize. And you have my prayers. I think it’s easy to say “read this book,” or “get away for a while,” which both can help (the Oaks conference center used to have a place reserved for pastors to take free spiritual retreats). But I’ll pray that you experience grace through the love of others. And I’d buy you coffee on Friday when I’m in Pasadena, if you wanna.You’re doing more good than you know. And I think it’s great to spend the time and energy it takes to be encouraged.Dave


  2. Thanks man. I appreciate the concern. We totally need to get together for coffee soon. Unfortunately, Friday probably won’t work out. It’s a big day at Union Station. But, let’s get together soon.


  3. The only way I keep from drying up is spending daily time in the Word and in prayer. Our new pastor says we should always minister out of the “overflow from our cup.” Meaning, do what you gotta do to stay full just for your own family. The ministry comes when you have more than enough, and only God can give us that. I don’t think there is any “cause” that can keep us going without burnout. We have to have personal experiences with God that inspire us. So, you asked for it. 🙂


  4. Yo Brian,Spending time in the word which is not for the benefit of lesson creation or teaching others is key. It helps when I have my favorite Christian music playing in the background. 🙂 Next, you should go to an event that doesn’t have much of a Glendale turn out. Lastly, it’s fun to visit a church like Saddleback every once in a Blue Moon.Hope this helps.


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