A Great Idea

I had a great idea today. Are you ready for it? Free Wi-Fi at church.  Now, there would have to be some limitations set up.  You wouldn’t want people to be able to access it during services, and you’d probably want to limit it to a small section of your building where you can keep an eye on people; but with those issues, and a few others, aside wouldn’t it be a great opportunity to invite the community into your building?  


This idea stems from a few things that have been running though my mind lately.   First of all, I have this desire to purchase a laptop and set up camp some place, like a Starbucks, where I can write and study. This would provide that environment, without the temptation of the $4 coffees.   And secondly, I read an article recently about churches looking for ways to utilize their buildings during the week when there aren’t services. Something like this would be a good service to the community and provide opportunities for building relationships therein.  


I’m sure it would be a little more difficult than I’m letting on here, but I do think there’s something to looking at how we use our buildings, or don’t, during the week.  


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