It’s Done

Well, it's done.  Yesterday I did something that I thought I would never, ever, do.  It was something I had no desire to do, and, in fact, all my life I've been telling myself that I am incapable of doing it.  And yet, with all that said, I kind of enjoyed it. 
Sunday I gave my first sermon.  As near as I can tell I did a decent job.  I wasn't as nervous as I thought I would be, and I actually kind of enjoyed the writing process. I don't know that I would ever be interested in doing it on a weekly basis, but I suppose I could handle it every once in a while.  All in all, it was a good exercise.

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Christian, husband, father, Pepperdine alum, marketing account manager and more. Passionate about music, movies, religion, communication, nonprofits and the Lakers.

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  1. Nice! I’ll try to get the tape on E-bay. You’re a thoughtful and engaging guy. I’m sure you did a fantastic job. One of my homiletics profs said that Barth used to say something like, “if you preach a dog of a sermon, walk that dog proudly, because it is the word of God.” I’m not sure why he was looking at me when he said it.


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