7 Emotional Triggers

While reading the NonProfit Times at work today, I came across an article titled “7 Emotional Triggers that Move Donors to Action”.   I found the short article quite interesting and wondered if the same principles that guide fundraisers could guide evangelism.  The 7 Emotional Triggers for Fundraising, as detailed in the article, are as follows:


Anger: "The war in Iraq is wrong! Do something!"

Exclusivity: "Me? You want me to join your circle of friends?" "Not just anyone can join, you know." "Special privilege."

Fear: "This scares me. Is it hopeless?"                                                                             

Flattery: "I'm invited? You're absolutely right. I am one in a thousand."

Greed: "A full 20 percent discount." "You want me to give something? Bring it on!"

Guilt: "Wish I hadn't done that. I want to feel better."

Salvation: "There's hope for me (us)."


I imagine we could seriously learn from appealing to people’s emotions better.   I don’t think we need to guilt them into accepting salvation, but maybe there’s something to a little guilt, fear, and flattery if we use them as catalysts and not a means to an end.  What do you think?


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