The LA Winds

Below are a few excerpts from an article in the LA Times describing the havoc caused by the strong winds that plagued the region yesterday. Only in LA can a little wind cause so much damage.


About 73,000 customers of the Department of Water and Power and Southern California Edison were still without power this morning after Thursday's winds brought down power lines across the region.


That is a LARGE amount of people without power.


Weather forecasters said the worst of the winds are over, but some utility customers could be without power for up to three days despite the deployment of additional repair crews, some from the Owens Valley, Nevada and Utah.


Three days without power?  What the heck are those people supposed to do, twiddle their thumbs for three days?


Wind-related outages peaked at 7:30 p.m. , when 109,000 Los Angeles customers, or about 8% of the utility's 1.4 million power users, were without service, according to figures released this morning by the DWP. About 17,000 customers in the San Fernando Valley alone lost power.


Sucks to live in the Valley… oh wait, I live in the Valley.  Oh Crap!  Thankfully I had to work yesterday from 8:30 AM to 8:30 PM.  When I finally got home I had electricity so no big loss for me, but gosh, what a mess.


The fire in the Beverly Hills area was fueled by a dangerous combination of high winds and bone-dry conditions.


Scott Windus, 57, who owns a home on the street where the blaze erupted, said the power in his house went out about 12:30 p.m. Thursday.


Is this guys name seriously WINDus?  You can't tell me the reporters didn't seek this guy out.   I don't know that I could have kept a straight face interviewing him. “This is Brian reporting for the LA Times, Mr. Windus what do you think of the wind today?”


Windus said he looked out a second-floor window and saw the wind-whipped flames on the hills behind some homes, including the one that was destroyed.


"It's surprising it didn't take out more because [the wind] was blowing so hard and embers were everywhere," he said. "It took out some pine trees and avocado trees, and that's when it jumped over the street, straight into that house."


Yes, yes, tell us more about the wind, Scott WINDus.

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