How Rude

I'm not saying I'm perfect, but it seems as though some feel it's their mission to be particularly rude to food service workers. Why is that? 
Today, while standing in line for my whopper with cheese at Burger King, I witnessed two customers act unnecessarily rude toward the Burger King employees who were taking their orders.  I'm sure they hadn't done anything to warrant such treatment, and if you think about it, what could really warrant rude treatment anyway.  You're paying $5 for a hamburger, drink, and fries.  How does that $5 entitle you to treat someone like they're less of a person that you are?
I think the people who treat food service workers so rudely should have to deal with customers who are just as rude.  I'm sure it happens, but it's only fair.  So, if you see someone treat someone else rudely it's your duty to follow them back to work and treat them rudely. It's a sort of pass it on thing.
Ok, ok, I'm only joking, but what do we do to combat the seemingly increasing rudeness in our society?

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