Mormon Survival Kit

I was reading the LA Times online during my lunch break today, as I often do, when an advertisement caught my eye. The add read “Mormon 72 Hr Survival Kit.” Being curious as to what made a particular survival kit “Mormon,” I clicked on the link.   The link took me to, a website that sells, get this, survival kits.   Aside from being located in Provo, Utah, I didn’t see anything overtly Mormon about the site or the survival kits and that caused me to wonder, is there some reason Mormons would be more compelled to purchase these kits than anyone else? And, what would make a “72 Hr Survival Kit” Mormon? I'm curious.


2 thoughts on “Mormon Survival Kit

  1. ooh – I can answer this. the LDS church advises members to be prepared in case of emergency – both with a “72-hour kit” – like a backpack with food, flashlight, radio, etc. and food storage to last up to a year at home (for your family or to share with neighbors). It’s not mandatory, but it’s recommended.


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