Answered Prayer

Here’s an update on my friend Chris whom I asked you to pray for yesterday.

I just got back from UCLA, so I thought I’d give everyone the latest news.

Chris’ back surgery went very well today. His surgeon said they were able to pinpoint the tear, suture it shut, and he felt that it was well sealed and there shouldn’t be any more CSF leakage. He was in the operating room for about five hours, but the actual surgery took only
about three hours.

He was supposed to spend the first night in intensive care, but UCLA
didn’t have enough beds, so he was admitted to one of the regular care floors. As his doctor had warned him, the surgery aggravated his symptoms so he was pretty miserable when he woke up, dealing with the headache and nausea from losing cerebral spinal fluid during the surgery, nausea from the anesthetic, pain from the 4-inch slice in his back plus missing chunks of vertebrae, and having to lie on his side since about 7:30 this morning. When they removed the tape that held his breathing tube in, it ripped off some of the skin on his face, so he looked like he’d been in a bar fight! He was not a happy camper. 😦

The most important thing, however, is that he should start feeling better for good in a day or two.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all your prayers on his behalf. This has been an uncertain time for our family, but God has answered our requests with a truly outstanding outcome.

Jim, Theresa, and Chris

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