Fancy Schmancy Coffee Maker

At work we were gifted new expensive coffee beans and a fancy schmancy coffee maker to go with it because a Board member decided that the coffee we had been making was sub-par; which it was. The problem with this is now I am drinking way more coffee and I can actually notice its effect. Usually, I brag that caffine has little to no effect on me, but today, a day when I had to get here early and need to stay late, I am really feeling it. I almost wish that we just stuck with our bad coffee; but then I think of the rich, smooth, dark, coffee, goodness that I’d be missing out on and I recant my wicked thoughts.

Published by Brian

Christian, husband, father, Pepperdine alum, marketing account manager and more. Passionate about music, movies, religion, communication, nonprofits and the Lakers.

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