Church Signs

I get a kick out of church signs; especially the ones where the minister or some clever person posts hilarious sayings, or sermon titles. One of my all time favorites was seen at a church up in Washington. The sermon for the week, posted for all the world to see, was “Holy Leviticus!” I can’t tell you how much mileage my friends and I have gotten out of that saying, but I don’t think the minister there would have ever guessed it would make its way into the vocabulary of a couple Californians.

Anyway, I thought this practice was pretty much limited to churches of the Christian variety, but I guess I was wrong because about a block from my apartment is a synagogue that posts banners with similarly entertaining sayings. Currently it says the following:

Q. Why do Jews complain so much?
A. Because there is so much in the world that needs fixing.

While it’s not quite the same as “Holy Leviticus!” it definitely fits into the same category and that causes me to wonder if there are other synagogues, Mormon temples, Kingdom Halls, or mosques with equally funny sayings? Have you seen any? Let me know about the funny church signs you’ve read.

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