Random Music News from the Forefront

The following news will probably excite very few of you, my blog reading friends, but I was shocked this morning to find that The Rentals have reunited, are currently touring and are preparing to record a new album. When did all this happen? Apparently, Matt Sharp, former Weezer bassist, and front man of The Rentals, announced it last October. So, as always, we here at Esoterically Speaking (it’s still just me) are at the forefront of the world of music.

In a quote I read somewhere on the internet, Matt said something to the effect that all of the essential elements of The Rentals will be present in this new incarnation but we, the fans, should not expect an exact duplication of the band from the days of “Seven More Minutes,” or “The Return of the Rentals.” He doesn’t want to become a Rentals tribute band, which is what he fears they would be doing by trying to copy their old sound. With that in mind it will be interesting to hear what he and his comrades come up with. I can’t wait.

So there you have it. That’s your Random Music News from the Forefront. Hope you enjoyed it.


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