A Quick Note to You

I’m working ahead of schedule this week because here’s the bulletin article for this coming Sunday, and it’s only Tuesday afternoon. As far as I know, this is the last article I’ll be writing for a little while. I think our preacher will be back at bat soon.

A Quick Note to You

It occurred to me this morning that it is unfortunate, for both you and me, that we do not regularly get the opportunity to sit down and share with each other the happenings in our busy lives. I am sure we would both be mutually benefited by such a simple act. I know I am definitely weaker, as a person, for the lack of this kind of communication. Particularly, I wish that I had the opportunity to converse with you about everything that is going on with our Youth Ministry here at Glendale as I think it would be something that would be of particular interest to you.

While I do not have adequate time, or space, to share everything that I desire to with you, I would like to begin a brief conversation by sharing with you the mission statement I have drafted for my work with the youth so that I might possibly enlist your assistance. The mission statement reads as follows:

The primary goal of the Glendale Youth Ministry is to bring teens to Christ, while strengthening those with existing relationships with Him.

The secondary goal is to build and strengthen relationships between the teens, their families, and the congregation, as a whole, while equipping them to serve Christ through lives of purpose, service, and leadership.

My dream is that through this ministry we can bring our teens to Christ and prepare them to serve Him and others, while bridging the gap between people in our assembly who would not normally meet together. As I said before, it is unfortunate, for both you and me, that we do not regularly get the opportunity to sit down and share with each other the happenings in our busy lives. And, I think it is equally unfortunate that you, like me, do not get the opportunity to do the same with everyone else outside your generation and group as well.

Obviously, this is an ambitious goal for any ministry. It is not a goal I will be able to accomplish alone, and so I would like to enlist your aid. Please help me, and everyone else to bridge the gap between generations and groups within our congregation. After all, we are ONE in Christ. Lets, you and I, work toward that end.

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