Letter to a Friend

Greetings from North Hollywood, California! May grace and peace be with you my dear friend and sibling in Christ!

Since the beginning of our friendship I have not stopped thanking God for your zealous search for what is right in the eyes of the Lord. You truly are a devoted follower of Him, and I admire your thirst for a faith that is both fulfilling and challenging; and yet, it is because of this “thirst” that I am compelled to write you this very day.

As a friend I feel I must tell you that my heart has been saddened to hear of unflattering words spoken by you in regards to certain assemblies of faith. Perhaps you feel as though some of your opinions are justified as this particular assembly may seem, outdated, backward, and steeped in tradition, but I tell you today that all assemblies are steeped in their own traditions, and are outdated and backward in their own way. You may not see it immediately, as your current assemblies’ practices may seem new and exciting to you, but if you were to take a step back and honestly take it all into consideration you would find fault with your new assembly as well.

The problem is no assembly is perfect. The moment we, humans, become involved in matters of faith there are problems. We will never be able to fully understand God, and any assembly that professes to foster better relationships with Him is just pulling the wool over your eyes. The truth is there are many avenues to reach Christ. To say that your assembly is better or another is wrong misses the point. As long as you profess Christ as your savior and master I think salvation will follow. It doesn’t really matter whether you believe that the Holy Communion IS actually the body and blood of Christ, or if you believe you are predestined to follow Him. If you are a member of an assembly that looks to Christ you have what you need, after all Christ died to save us of our shortcomings. Do you think you will not be forgiven if you get one minutia of faith incorrect? And, more importantly, do you think that there really is ONE assembly prescribed by God? To think that only your assembly is saved is naive and stupid. Similarly, to look down on another assembly because it no longer meets your “needs” is ridiculously unsympathetic, ununderstanding, unloving, unchrist-like, and makes you a religious bigot. The religious snobbery that I have heard from your lips causes much pain in my heart. Each of us are entitled to serve Christ in whatever assembly challenges and fulfills us. I am glad that you were able to find an assembly that meets these needs, but for you to think that your old assembly is incapable of meeting the needs of others is unfortunate, and shows that you are misinformed about things of the Kingdom. You need to lay down your superiority complex and understand that your way is not the best or only way.

Now, I understand that these words may seem harsh, and I will be the first to point out that this letter should be sent to many others throughout the world of faith; but, that is beyond my capabilities. I cannot reach everyone, but as your friend, it is my responsibility to bring to you concerns that I have regarding your faith. Please take these words to heart, and examine your motives and feelings, but keep in mind that we are all one in Christ Jesus.

Again, I commend you for your valiant search for a fulfilling faith. I just ask that you are careful and compassionate when dealing with others and their faith as their assembly may fulfill them in ways you are incapable of understanding. May Grace and Pease be with you!

Your friend and sibling in Christ,


Published by Brian

Christian, husband, father, Pepperdine alum, marketing account manager and more. Passionate about music, movies, religion, communication, nonprofits and the Lakers.

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