Nuclear Waste Vault

In the LA Times today I read an article about a nuclear waste vault in New Mexico. Apparently “experts” are working on a way to warn future civilizations about the contents of the vault. What have they come up with? They plan to outline the 16 square mile area with giant stone monoliths, while placing buried information rooms and open air information rooms inside of an earthen berm barrier in the center. Additionally metal, plastic, and ceramic disks with pictographs depicting horror and pain would be buried through out the site.

Now, if you ask me, and by reading this blog you effectively have, all these “signs” aren’t going to ward off the exploration of future civilizations. Think about our civilization. If we had found something similar wouldn’t we have dug it up, explored, hypothesized, and studied it? I would argue that would, and have. After all, we’re curious about our past. Isn’t it only logical to think future civilizations would be curious about their past? More over, I think these “signs” only ensure that this site WILL be explored and studied. How will this site appear any differently to the future inhabitants of New Mexico than Stonehenge and the Pyramids appear to us?

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  1. That is a fascinating article. Wow, what a project to be a part of. But, I tend to agree with you. Anyone who’s ever seen a horror movie knows that when you find the doorway to hell, someone just has to open it.


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