Johnny Cash – At Folsom Prison

Sometimes when I get ideas for posts and I’m not quite ready to commit to writing the post I’ll just come up with a title and save it as a draft. It’s good for those times when I really feel like I should post about something but can’t come up with an original idea. Most people would probably just not post until they had something worthwhile to write, but that’s not me. I will post even when I don’t have anything worthwhile. That’s what makes me “special.”

That said, this post has been sitting in my drafts section for quite a while. It’s not that I don’t have anything to say about Johnny Cash’s release “At Folsom Prison,” it’s more that I haven’t been able to put my thoughts to words.

After seeing “Walk the Line” I, like many others, ran out to learn more about Mr. Cash and his music. Now, being raised to believe that Country Music was from the Devil and that Rock was the only true way to salvation, I found it particularly difficult to allow myself to fall into the sinful world of Johnny Cash’s music. But, you’d be proud of me, I managed to with hold my judgment until after I listened to a few of his songs, and boy was I surprised at what I heard. Mr. Cash’s “Country” was like a “Country” I had never heard before. He was loud, and raw, and real; things I had never encountered before in my limited experience with the “Devil’s Music.” I began to find myself being drawn in, so I did the only logical thing I could do. I went out immediately and purchased his release “At Folsom Prison.” What I heard in that concert album was something special, something that is rarely caught in the recording of a live album. Johnny Cash was a great performer. Not only was he able to put together a show that was thematically geared toward his audience, but he was able to perform for them in a manner in which it seemed like he was just hanging out there with them. From a listeners standpoint it felt as though he was just one of the guys. Needless to say, I was amazed by what I heard. I think most of all, it was the rough realness that lured me in, but it’s the emotion and devotion to putting on a good show that will call me back for more.

If you haven’t ever really given country a chance, I urge you to check out Johnny Cash’s “At Folsom Prison.” You won’t be disappointed. Johnny rocks!

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  1. Words cannot express the growth and wisdom that I just saw in you before my very eyes!Welcome to the world of the “Devil’s Music” I knew you would make it here some day!


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