The Gospel of Judas

You’ve probably heard about it in the news this week. I just read an article from USA Today about it. My question for you is what are your thoughts on this topic?

I’m willing to bet it would be an interesting read, and I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was a little curious. But, the thought of this discovery leads me to ask an even deeper question than what are your thoughts on this new book. The deeper question is do you think the canon should be closed, or should we accept books like this as we make more and more discoveries? Obviously we’d have to carefully weigh the value and truthfulness of each new book before we let it into the canon, but would we want to include them even after that?

I have to think that those who formed the canon were aware of these books we’re discovering and for some reason, or other, chose to leave them out. I put my faith in the God, and the church fathers, and so I’d have to say that we should not have an open canon, but I’d still like to hear your opinion.

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