Interestingly, all the sudden, the issue of polygamy is everywhere. There is a new show airing on HBO, I’m reading a book that talks about it, and this morning I heard an interview of Mark Henkel, who is the founder of Truthbearer.org, a Christian evangelical polygamy organization.

Now, I was under the impression that polygamy is/was something that is/was only practiced by certain Mormon fundamentalists. I had no idea there were any other groups currently practicing. So, imagine my surprise to hear that there is a “Christian” polygamy movement.

I’d be curious to know how many of my readers were actually aware of this. Who’s heard about this “Christian” polygamy movement?


2 thoughts on “Polygamy

  1. Ive heard alot about it, christian and not christian. Ive been studying polygamy from an anthropological cross cultural view as well as a theological philisophical perspective. all has been conclusive that the united states did not relize that in examing marriage as a form of right or institute that it would drag out so much history on such a diverse world of practices, but it has, and it is changing the way everyone looks at marriage.


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