1st Anniversary Ideas

Here’s the post where I solicit your help. I’m trying to come up with a good gift idea for my one year wedding anniversary. Traditionally the first year gift is paper, so if you could help me think of things made of paper that would make for a good gift, I would appreciate the help.

Also, so you know the whole story, we’re going away this weekend. So, it’s not like I need a huge expensive gift. I just need a small gift to suppliment our trip.


One thought on “1st Anniversary Ideas

  1. How about a book…or a group of books. Does she have a favorite from childhood she doesn’t have a copy of? Little House on the Prarie, Narnia, anything like that?Um…a cookbook? Nah, might look like you have alterior motives. A new Bible?Have fun! We had an infant by our 1st anniversary. That has somewhat limited the romantic getaways. Enjoy them! 🙂


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