Part – Time Youth Minister?

Here’s a question for you? Is there a such thing as a part-time youth minister? I’m interested to hear your feedback, as I am about to enbark into this field.

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  1. I’m willing to bet you are right. From the opinions I’ve heard people express at church, they’re expecting a full-time youth minister for a few thousand a year. The thing I have to keep telling myself is that they don’t know any different and unless I set some guidelines and make sure they are understood there are going to be some unfair expectations. Just this Sunday, I had someone talking to me about his idea to strengthen the connection between the Korean congregation that meets in our building and us. It’s a good idea, but is that something that should be expected of someone devoting a few hours a week? I’m not sure. Can you think of a few guidlines I should set? Mostly, I’m afraid of failure, and letting people down. I know that it’s really easy for me to bite off more than I can chew.Also, it’s kind of funny. I thought this thing was pretty much a done deal, but yesterday one of the parents pulled me asside and said they were meeting last night to discuss it all some more. What they were discussing I don’t know. I’m not sure it’s my place to ask either, but I’m extreemely curious. Taking a step back from it all, I can see that this is a pretty funny situation, I just hope it continues to be funny as I get pulled more and more into the middle.


  2. There was a gentleman at my church who was a part-time youth minister but that only meant that he was only paid for part of the time he actually put into the kids and the rest of the ministry. He worked well more than 40 hours per week and got paid for 20…not really fair, but we were a new church back then.


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