Angels, Demons and Satan

Ok, time for another question driven post.

Do you believe in the existence of angels, demons, and Satan?



10 thoughts on “Angels, Demons and Satan

  1. tough question, because if i said i believed in demons, then wouldn’t i have to believe in demon possession? i’d hate to think that emily rose was actually possessed, i’d rather explain it through some brain disorder or disease because its easier. then again, is a life of faith in Jesus ever easy???


  2. Not a fun thing to think about, but what has changed since Jesus’ time that would make demon possesion impossible? The Bible says there were demon possessed people then…


  3. Interesting point, several times in the bible Jesus encountered people who were possessed. However, is what they thought of as possessed what we think of as a mental illness today? One particular story in the bible comes to mind. Jesus casts the demon, legion, out of a person and into a group of pigs. Is that a mental illness, or can that only be explained by the existence of demons? I guess you could argue that the pigs didn’t run off and drown themselves because of their demonic possession and that it was just a coincidence but at what point do you draw the line. If you don’t believe that story happened as it was told then by what basis can you believe or not believe other stories?I’m glad you brought up the topic of demon possession. It’s good food for thought. I really have a hard time with the whole subject of Satan and demons, etc. It doesn’t seem like it’s possible for God to have created such beings. If God is this omni-benevolent being how can he create something the exact opposite?


  4. i agree, nothing has changed to prevent it, but i don’t see it happening…at least not in the U.S. maybe satan has changed his strategy.


  5. When I was a teenager, a youth minister said that angels were not created with free will. That they were jealous of humans because we had that gift.I have no idea where he got that. And wouldn’t it seem to contradict Lucifer’s “choice” to fall and defy God? And the “choice” that all the fallen angels made to follow him?


  6. We live in a world where everything has an equal and opposite reaction. For every left there is a right, for every to there is a fro, for every good there is a bad. Right?If God is completely good then there must be something that is completely bad by comparison… right? I guess that would leave Satan to be completely bad. So, if that’s the case then Satan is every bit as bad as God is good. That sets up quite a contrast and the problem I have with that is it sets up Satan as the complete opposite. It makes Satan out to be pretty powerful… every bit as powerful as God. I’m not sure I can believe in a being that is every bit as powerful as God especially if he was created by God. How could God do that? If God’s all good how can he create something all bad?I’m sure there are holes in this, and I haven’t totally thought it through so give me a break if it sounds way off mark. I’d like to hear your comments. The problem with the assumption above is that there isn’t an opposite for everything. There is no bad. Bad is a human term to represent our inability to fully grasp God’s goodness… There is only good. That being the case, can God create something completely void of good? I’ve always understood Satan to be this completely evil being having no good in him at all. Is this possible if he was created by God? Maybe Satan is just representative of our inability to fully grasp and achieve God’s level of goodness. Maybe he was created by us to explain when we fall short of this ideal?Truthfully I don’t know what to think.


  7. Granted, I’m no expert, but this is something I feel I’ve settled for myself. Here’s what I believe and why:1. Evil, in general, was not created by God. It is simply the result of humans being created with free will, and choosing the wrong. If they didn’t have free will, then they would be robots and incapable of real love toward God. God wanted real, true love, and therefore created humans with free will to choose otherwise. That “otherwise” is sin and evil.2. Satan is a created being. It says in Ezekiel 40(?), that Lucifer was the most beautiful of all God’s created beings. There are some scholars who believe he was the worship leader of Heaven. But, his beauty and power went to his head, and he wanted to become higher than God. That pride (evil) is what “made” him Satan. God “is not willing that any should perish,” and would not have wanted him to become Satan at all, but without free will, there can’t be true worship.3. Because Satan is a created being, he is nowhere near God’s complete opposite. The Bible says, “greater is He that is in me, than He that is in the world.” Satan has no power whatsoever over people who believe Jesus’ blood is what atones for their sin. He HAS to flee when he’s told. However, for people who do not have God’s power in their lives, he is the current ruler of this earth, because God allows it, not because he has overpowered God in any way.4. I think it gets kinda scary when we start questioning if when the Bible says demon possession, it really means demon possession. We’re starting to toy with whether the Bible is the inspired word of God or not at that point, and if we can’t believe all of it, how can we believe any of it?5. When we start playing with whether Satan really exists, I think we start playing with whether we really need a Savior and Redeemer or not. I mean, if evil doesn’t exist…why do we need to be saved? There are huge holes in this one, feel free to pick it apart.This is long enough. Good discussion!


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