Unconscious Injury

Do you ever injure yourself without knowing that you’ve injured yourself? I do it all the time. Usually I find a cut here or there on my hands or a bruise on my leg but it’s never anything that hurts very much. Well, apparently I totally messed up the big toe on my right foot. I don’t know what happened but all day yesterday it was tender and when I got home last night and finally took off my shoes (it didn’t smell bad, ok) I noticed a huge bruise under my toenail. It was pretty gnarly looking. About all I could do was trim up the nail a little and hope not injure it more, so today I’m walking with a limp. For some reason it hurts a lot more today than it did yesterday. I don’t know if that’s because I’m more aware of it today or if it’s because it just hurts more. I hope it heals soon.

What are some instances when you’ve injured yourself without knowing?


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