Orange Line

I live in Southern California’s San Fernando Valley, which is within the city limits of Los Angeles. You may recall that a few years back the Valley tried to secede from L.A. unsuccessfully; however, that’s not what I’m here to write about today.

Today I wish to address the Valley’s newest inhabitant, the Orange Line. For those of you who don’t know, the Orange Line is the newest extension of public transportation in L.A. It’s basically an extra long bus that has its own dedicated corridor that runs through the valley. It runs at street level and therefore crosses quite a few streets. At those intersections there are signs, and new traffic signals that light up as busses are approaching and crossing. That doesn’t seem to controversial does it? We’ll, unfortunately, there have been several accidents between these busses and automobiles; and so, many are in an uproar. Almost every day, since the opening of the line, there has been at least one article in the L.A. Times about its safely. Now, what I want to bring to your attention is not my concern for the safety of those driving through those intersections. What I want to bring to your attention is that every one of those accidents, as I am aware, have been the result of a traffic violation. People blame the busses, but if they were to actually pay attention to traffic signals I think the risk of having an accident with the busses would greatly decrease. The issues isn’t sinage, or even the color of the busses, as some have suggested. The real issue is poor driving.


One thought on “Orange Line

  1. Brian you ROCK! I provided crisis counseling for many of the Metro Drivers when I lived in California. Whenever they had an accident my office was called. You are RIGHT ON. So many blame the buses for what is happening in the accident, but many are not paying attention to traffic rules and assume that they can take chances to get around a bus. These things not only hurt the people who are taking the risks but the drivers go through a grieving process with each experience. So please, please, please people, obey the traffic laws, you are putting so many in danger, not just physically but emotionally.


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