I think it’s time that we, assistants, rise up and demand the respect, and pay, we deserve. Who will join me in this revolution?

We are the ones who truly run our businesses. We have to be experts in everything while supervisors, managers, directors, etc do not. They only see a small specialized portion of the whole picture, while we interact on their behalf with other departments, divisions, etc. We are expected to not only know our boss’ job but everyone else’s as well. It seems as though the whole structure in which we work is backwards. Assistants should be paid more because they are required to do a wider array of tasks. If I don’t know how to do something I am expected to figure it out. Is my boss supposed to figure it out? No, not by any means. That’s my job. I have to know everything.

So, heed my call. Let’s rise up and show the world who’s really in charge.


One thought on “Assistants

  1. Having been an assistant for five years, I wholeheartedly agree. It’s our job to make the boss look good…even when he wouldn’t otherwise. If no one ever knows he doesn’t know what’s going on as well as we do, we have succeeded. Ooohh… Do NOT miss that. Really glad I’m staying home with Hannah. She’s currently sitting on the floor, squealing at the cat.


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