Sometimes impatience, that crafty temptress, gets the best of me. Thankfully, I have a careful system of checks and balances, also known as my wife, to keep me in line. Unfortunately, she isn’t always able to watch my every move so I’m destined to make mistakes here and there. Mostly, the mistakes I make are little mistakes like not reading instructions/directions all they way through before I do something but upon a few occasion I have been known to do some rather dumb things. While it would provide for some entertaining reading, I do not feel compelled to divulge these mistakes here because what good would it really do?

My goal in writing this post is to bring you to an awareness of, both, my flaws and possibly yours. If we aren’t helping each other to be better people then what are we doing?

Note: Please keep in mind this post is directed at bettering no one in particular but me. If this applies to you, or you think it might, consider it pure coincidence because that’s what it is, coincidence.


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