This morning I happened upon an interesting story in the LA Times cleverly titled “Doubt Is Their Co-Pilot.” Apparently there is a group of people across our nation meeting over the internet and in coffee shops calling themselves Universists. It’s sort of a religion but then again it’s sort of not. Really, it’s a group of people who aren’t sure what to believe about God and so they formed a group with other people who were unsure. The group’s founder, Ford Vox, founded the “religion” because he missed the sense of community he found in the church of his youth.

How a “religion” that’s only belief is that they’re uncertain about everything can meet the needs of our nation I’ll never know. What it tells me is that there are people out there who want to be part of a community that cares. More than that, they want to be part of a community that is open to discussing doubts and uncertainties. If we, the church, were more open with ourselves and others about our struggles and doubts, I think many of these people would find what they’re seeking. It’s obvious to me we are failing our communities and it’s time we started to do something about it. We need to be real. We need to be relevant. We need to be available.


3 thoughts on “Universism

  1. Greetings.My name is Bill Baker.I am a member of the Universist Movement. I am one whom bounces back and forth between Agnostic,Deistic,Pantheistic, and PanenDeistic conceptions about Deity/divinity/etc.I was Christian for 25 yearsof my life,the last several years of this I was VERY devoted to the faith.But,thus,I found that the faith just did’nt sit right and had too many things that caused me to doubt it’s validity.Anyways, I want to thank you for writing about our movement. I encourage you to find out more about it by hitting the websitewww.universist.org {and read the FAQ’s therein} and it’s sister site “The faithless community”- http://www.faithless.org Just to clarify whom it brings together, we are all over the philosophical map, however our five mian philosophy Pillars are- Agnosticism,Deism,Athiesm,Pantheism,Trancendentalism. Politically we are all different, but most thus far are left leaning{but not all},and most{if not all} are secular humanists.Universism wishes to try to encourage America back to the leanings of the countries founding fathers{whom happen to have been mostly Deists,Agnostics,and other freethinkers;most Christians amongst them were Liberal Christians and/or Unitarian Univeralists}. It also wishes to helpinfluence others to encourage their leladers in the same freethinking,secular democratic directions. I myself am Canadian and hope to influence my country for such freethought democracy.Anyways, like I said,if the movement is interesting to you, please feel free to check out the sitesand FAQ’s.Again, thanks for taking interest and thanks for talking about our movement, it’s appreciated.p.s. I’m not an official co-ordinator in the movement or anything,just a member; but in a sense we are all spokepeople for the movement as it is highlky freethinking and individualistic.PeaceIn Reason:The Very Irreverand Bill Baker


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