If someone were to ask you to describe the process by which we received the collection of books that make up the bible what would you say?

I guess it depends on where you stand in the whole canonization discussion. Do you believe that the Holy Spirit was the sole agent by which the books were written and brought together or do you believe that man’s judgment played a large part? It’s a pretty tough question and I’m not about to pretend that I have the definitive answer.

I had planned to write a long post detailing the history of the canon pointing toward man’s involvement, thusly limiting the involvement of the Holy Spirit, but I have since decided better of that. I can’t, in my best judgment, deny that the Holy Spirit wasn’t there all along. I can’t deny that God had a part in it. What I’m saying is it’s impossible for me to discern where God intervened. He very well could have been working with the Church Fathers, or been present at any, or all, of the counsels. He could have been actively working to stamp out heretical ideas. I guess what scares me is that maybe God left it all up to us and took a step back when our bible was being formed. If that’s the case, what are we missing?

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