Letters: It’s not who you think

I hate to disappoint you all but if you have a letter sitting in the stack of mail you brought in from your mailbox yesterday, odds are it wasn’t signed by who you think it was. Now, if it’s a letter from a dear friend it might be, but if it’s from your alma mater or any other organization odds are it was signed by a peon like me. And to go even further, letters are rarely even written by the person who is supposedly signing them. In the past month I have written several letters for other people and even signed a few of them. In fact, on my desk right now is a stack of letters I’m signing with the name “Randy.” Not even close to my name is it?


2 thoughts on “Letters: It’s not who you think

  1. I think you should be the hero and blow the whistle, “Randy.” Expose those advancement groups for what they are. I’ll write the movie… THE INSIDER 2: THE RANDY IDENTITY


  2. Wasn’t The Insider that movie about the cigarette companies with Russell Crowe? I thought that was kind of boring, when I watched it in high school. I kept waiting for something exciting to happen. I don’t know if I want to star in a movie like that… but then again how much money do you think we’ll make?


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