It’s a mad mad mad…

Warning: This post may be inappropriate for some audiences.

I’d like to start by saying *%$#@&!. Ok, I didn’t really say anything, but I’m really frustrated right now and sometimes it seems as though releasing a loud explicative might decrease the pain. Why am I mad? Oh, I haven’t told you yet? I got a ticket on my way to work this morning. I’ve already played the if only game. If only I had left a little later. If only I had taken an alternate route, which I often do. If only, if only, if only. The problem is, I left when I left, and I took the route I took, and I did something stupid in front of a police officer. Yes, I did deserve the ticket. I’m not like the millions of others who refuse to believe they could possibly do something to deserve a ticket. I deserve what I got, and now I get to pay the price. So, wait if I’m mad who am I mad at, you might ask yourself. I’m not mad at the cop. He was only doing his job. I’m simply mad at myself.


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