Love is watching someone die?

Death Cab for Cutie on their newest album, Plans, declares that “Love is watching someone die.” Kind of a morbid thought, if I’ve ever heard one. While I can’t say that I always, or have ever, really agreed with Ben’s lyrics, I have to say they usually cause me to stop and think. This song is no exception. So, is love watching someone die? I have to say I disagree. Watching someone die could be a result of love but it’s not the definition. On the contrary, I think love is helping others to live. This is probably where Ben and I differ on our outlooks on life drastically. Maybe I’m a little more of an optimist but I think Love is showing others how to live so that they can Live eternally. Wait, how does one Live eternally? It’s quite simple actually, you just devote yourself to Christ and follow his teachings because he’s already died for us. Since he died, we can Live eternally in Heaven. Therefore, I say that if you truly Love, then you will help others Live.

It’s really a beautiful thing watching someone Live.

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  1. Perhaps “Love is watching someone die” is not meant so literally. Possible other interpretations: * Love is watching someone die in the Elizabethan sense: to die, in Shakespeare’s time, was a synonym for achieving orgasm. * To love someone is to completely transform them: their old self falls away — a kind of death.* Tragically, sometimes love is not fully realized until the loved person is gone. That moment of loss is sometimes the most intense moment of connection — and love. Certainly Christianity has crystallized this idea.* Loving fully contains an element of letting go. i reluctantly call your attention to the oft-satirized saying, “If you love someone, let them go…” And yet, despite all this, the literal interpretation does titillate, and the band must have known this as well.


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