Bringing Order Back

Since the piano arrived, our home has been in a bit of disarray.

There’s nothing like having to shift all of your furniture around.

Last night, I made a major stride in bringing order to the room. I mounted the tv above the fireplace. This means I can eliminate the tv stand so that the piano can take its place.


I still need to figure out how to conceal the cables and where to put the components, but that will come. For now, it works. And, I can begin thinking about moving the piano.

I’m going to need some help with that.



It’s kind of funny. After my recent post, Piano and Priorities, I did a little search on Craigslist.

It’s something I do every once in a while. Usually, what I find is either too expensive or in poor condition. That day I found something nearby that actually looked promising.

That promising lead turned into our new piano, which was delivered yesterday.

I haven’t figured out the exact year, but it was made in the early 1900’s. And, for being as old as it is, it’s in great condition.

Now, I just need to learn piano.


Our House

Last December, almost a year ago, we moved into our new home.

It was such a crazy process that I don’t think I ever posted a picture. So, here it is.

It’s a 1920’s Spanish style house in Glendale. There are restaurants, parks, libraries and Erin’s parents all within walking distance.

Probably the only reason it wasn’t snatched up by someone else before us, was because it was a short sale.

Right up until the end, I wasn’t sure the short sale was even going to go through. After having lost out on other houses, I wasn’t very optimistic. It was a long, uncertain process that in all reality went pretty smoothly.

I’m thankful that we had the means and support to patiently wait for the banks to approve the sale. I can’t really imagine being anywhere else. It’s perfect for our family.

I love our new home, and the new neighborhood. And, I hope that we are able to enjoy it for years and years to come.


Piano and Priorities

I wish I could play piano.

It’s a beautiful instrument.

Nothing brings me to tears like a good piano ballad. There’s just something timeless about the piano.

I like to think that if I bought a piano, that I would spend time learning how to play. I took a course in college, just for fun. I wasn’t good, but my problem was that I didn’t put in the practice time.

I’m kind of the same with guitar. I actually own a guitar, but don’t practice enough to progress beyond beginner stuff.

It’s hard to find time to practice.

It’s hard to find time to do a lot of things.

Every day I go home with intentions of accomplishing great things. But, I’m lucky if I get food on the table, my son to bed, and the dishes washed. After that, I can hardly muster the energy to do anything. And, practicing an instrument is usually not on the forefront of my mind at that point.

How do people do it?

I guess it’s all about priorities.

Father, Husband, Son


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